High Performance New Gen. Adv. Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS Servers Hosting

Deploy with automated, Managed scalable infrastructure High frequency Intel/AMD CPU for web host application with Inbond/Outbond traffic unlimited and secure an Affordable price



Dedicated Server to ensure unlimited bandwidth with a high-speed network connection. Designed to solve the complex entrepreneurial needs

From $69.99 /month



Giving rise to your business with our VPS server is just a matter of a pinch. Our VPS server gives you robust hardware and software resources for your business.

From $18.99 /month

server vps cloud


Cloud server hosting brings enhanced security, performance, scalability, and resources to strengthen your business. It also comes with great flexibility.

From $21.99 /month

server vps


Choose Data Center’s for collocation to manage your server power, cooling, security, and performance with the Amaze Servers.

From $80.99 /month

ERP server


Best SAP ERP HANA Cloud solution for your business to manage your business extensively most powerful and exclusive business tools and complex activity execution on the software.

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Best performance by hosting on Our GPU dedicated servers powered by NVIDIA GPU servers 3D rendering, data analysis, AI, big data, gaming, video streaming, etc.

From $399.00 /month

shared web hosting vps

10 GBPS Dedicated Servers

High-bandwidth Public Network 10Gbps dedicated vps servers unmetered with multiple network design as user requirement many locations in worldwide.

From $499.00 /month

ERP based server


Platform for lightweight, standalone, executable package of software can run on a developer’s local laptop, on physical or virtual machines

From $140.00 /month


Linux and windows support

We give you the choice of two major operating systems, choosing which fits best for your needs and experience.

Performance tweaking

Our root access allows you to tweak performance to get faster server management.

DDos Shield

Each of your servers is completely secured with powerful Anti-DDoS layers. It filtered malicious traffic and prevents DDoS attacks on your server.

Software preload

Operate and manage your server & sites without ever reviewing the code and command line. Although server access makes it possible for you.

The infra here is intended for unrivaled unwavering quality, which makes our organization extraordinarily challenging to beat, particularly combined with our 100% power and equipment uptime ensure. Assuming that uptime is essential to your business or association, look no farther than here!

Our committed servers are colocated in worldwide Data Center. The office is designed to help conveyance of completely altered, Hybrid cloud hosting solution, permitting you to effectively consolidate colocation, Dedicated Server, VPS, private cloud, and public cloud hosting. We use an excess sets of switches at our organization line, which is versatile to 10Gbps servers of Internet connectivity. Our top-of-rack, client confronting switches are associated through excess 10Gbps connects to our organization center. Our organization is intended to be profoundly accessible and self-recuperating.

99% Uptime SLA

Almost 100% server uptime ensure permits your site to continuously be on the web so you don't need to stress over losing traffic and income.

ERP Hardware Affordable Prices

You can entrust your information with AmazeSevrers We just use enterprise-grade hardware. You can set aside cash nevertheless get the best server with full elements.

Benifit with AmazeServers

Server facilitating is turning into the standard with the steadily expanding shift towards digitalization. Here are a few justifications for why devoted servers are the head decision for your computerized venture Online Business, Scale as you go, Designer your own dedicated servers

Fast server Deployment

We do not take time to deploy your server. As soon as you order your server, we collect configurations and host your server at your preferred data locations.

Superior SSD storage

Solid state drive (SSD) is currently the fastest Storage type in the market. It will boost productivity much more than normal HDD drives.

Great network availability

24×7 network availability is assured with AMAZESERVER hosting. It offers fully stable network connections to your customers.

24×7 support

Our dedicated support team will be always available for your support. You can raise a ticket anytime and we will contact you immediately for your queries.


Fundamental parts of a data center

Our Network Infra

This interfaces physical and virtualized servers, Datacenter in worldwide, stockpiling, and outside network to end-client areas.

Capacity Our Infra

Information is the critical part of the advanced data center. The Storage systems of this infra are utilized to hold this high-esteem product.

Compute Assets

Datacenter are chipping away at the applications. These servers give that drive to applications through the handling, memory, nearby capacity, and organization network.


AmazeServer Datacenter Location

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Client Reviews
Andrena business owner

Brilliant support and scalable server option. I started with a normal hosting package from AMAZE SERVER and now using one of the top levels of hosting just because they have helped me to grow my business in very less time.

Robin Business Owner

As a business owner, finding a reliable hosting provider is crucial for the success of my online operations. After extensive research and comparisons, I decided to go with Amaze Server, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Amaze Clients Revies
lily Seo Specialist

AMAZE SERVER gave me a hosting service with outstanding performance and tremendous security layers which can never be forgotten. Due to this, today we are getting able to scale our business continuously.

James Wang App Developer

I am completely satisfied with the services of AMAZE SERVER and look forward to more such services Amaze Servers has solved the problem of all my data centers. They listen to the customers and act on their basis. Amaze servers problem-solving attitude is something I liked most.

client vps server
Martin Business Owner

I feel glad as a regular customer of AMAZE SERVER as they have fulfilled all my VPS hosting requirements. Whatever promises he had made, he has indeed fulfilled.


It depends on your need and requirement. If you are starting your business go with Cloud hosting or VPS otherwise choose a Dedicated server to maximize your productivity.

We did not mention the IP address because it comes with every server and our server is no different.  You also get the facility of IPv6 along with IPv4.

Yes, you can run any type of business website on our dedicated server.  But at the time of hosting, keep your configurations in mind.

VPS hosting is considered suitable for those people who are just starting a new business or want to upgrade from simple shared hosting to extra power, efficiency, and security.

The control panel is the place to control your server.  From this, you control your entire server.  We give you the popular cPanel which is very flexible and user-friendly.

By Collocation, we mean to host your server resources in your data centres.  Yes, if you want us to host your server in any of our data locations, then you can contact us.

As soon as we get the order to take your server, we start working on it immediately and soon give you the information and guidelines for your server being active through email.

We want to give maximum satisfaction to our customers and for this, we make every effort.  The spirit of giving gratitude and satisfaction towards our customers gives you maximum benefits.

You should always choose the data centres where most of your potential customers live so that they can get the best speed and network stability.


What is Cloud Server?- Amaze Servers

What is a Cloud Server?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses and individuals are constantly seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to manage their data and applications. One of the

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