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Is it too difficult to make your business different and successful in the business hub of California? Don't worry amazeserver brings you the most robust and powerful VPS server in California. We are making businesses successful with our most reliable and performance-driven VPS server.

VPS-Amaze Servers


Buy Cheap Fast VPS Best Linux Windows Manage KVM / OPenVZ VPS virtual private server Hosting Provider services vds at Low Cost Price / Pricing California

  • 2 GB RAM

    • vCPU 2 Core

    • 2 GB

    • HDD 25GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps

    • Traffic 4 TB

    • IPv4 One
    From $29.80/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • vCPU 2 Core

    • 4 GB

    • HDD 50GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps

    • Traffic 4 TB

    • IPv4 One
    From $53.00/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • vCPU 4 Core

    • 8 GB

    • HDD 100GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps

    • Traffic 4 TB

    • IPv4 One
    From $91.50/mo
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  • 16 GB RAM

    • vCPU 6 Core

    • 16 GB

    • HDD 200GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps

    • Traffic 4 TB

    • IPv4 One
    From $98.00/mo
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GPU Server

Dedicated resources

Get dedicated resources with our VPS server hosting. Only you will have website and application host on your server.

setting server

Prefered Data location

Choose your data centers as per your business needs. Chose the data locations nearest to your maximum customers.

Security host server

No downtime, no network failure

Downtime and network failure are no longer a problem with our VPS server as we give you a continuous electric supply.

speed server

Assured Uptime

Our robust latest hardware and software together assure the maximum uptime of your VPS server in California.

root access server setting

Robust hardware

By robust hardware, we mean quality, strong and durable hardware configuration.

root access server

Supportive team

Our most polite, positive and supportive team is always there to help you with your VPS server issues.

Why do you need Amazeserver VPS hosting services in California?

Amaze Server guarantees to give you the best and most powerful VPS Server in California.  If you also want to keep your business competitive and secure in California, then you must try our VPS server. We at amaze servers use the most robust and durable hardware.  We use the most advanced and latest technology to make your VPS unique and valuable. You get the SSL certifications, Anti-DDoS attacks and many more security elements to secure your business completely.

Advantages of Using VPS hosting server from Amaze server in California

server performance

Unmetered bandwidth support

Bring as many visitors as you want on your server as we give you the unmetered bandwidth support.


Operating system for your

Preference Choose your preferred operating system with amazeservers whether it is Linux or windows.

server reliability

Enhanced Firewall security

Make your business server more Protected with our pre-build firewall security.

cheap dedicated vps server

User-friendly control panel

Use our most easy and most user-friendly control panel to control and manage your server with ease.

server security

Flexibility with configurations

You can easily increase or decrease all the configurations like RAM, CPU etc. of your VPS server.

server SLA

Dedicated IP address

We give you a Dedicated IP Address with our VPS server which gives you enhanced security.


You don’t have to worry about uptime, we guarantee you maximum uptime.  you will not lose any of your sales due to downtime issues.

We give you the choice of the two most famous and useful operating systems, Linux and Windows.  Both are the most reliable and used operating servers in the market.

Once we get the request to your VPS server, we manage the configurations of your server and host it as soon as possible.

This is your private server, on this you can manage the hosting as per your wish.  In short, you can host as many websites as you want, but make sure your VPS configurations are capable of meeting your needs.

Yes, of course, why not.  Our VPS Server is completely flexible, you can increase or decrease its configuration whenever you want.