Cambodia VPS server

If you want to expand your business in Cambodia with security, scalability and on-demand resources, the Amaze VPS server is the ideal choice to manage all your applications and workloads in Cambodia. So, host your websites and applications without compromising the performance with Amaze Cambodia VPS.

VPS-Amaze Servers


Buy Cheap Fast VPS Best Linux Windows Manage KVM / OPenVZ VPS virtual private server Hosting Provider services vds at Low Cost Price / Pricing Cambodia

  • VPS 512 MB

    • RAM 512 MB

    • CORE 1

    • Disk Space 10 GB*

    • Port Speed 1o Mbit

    • Bandwidth 250 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux Only

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $34.99/mo
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  • VPS 1GB

    • RAM 1 GB

    • CORE 1

    • Disk Space 2o GB (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 5o Mbit

    • Bandwidth 500 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $47.49/mo
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  • VPS 2 GB

    • RAM 2 GB

    • CORE 2

    • Disk Space 4o GB* (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 100 Mbit

    • Bandwidth 750 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1 (max 3 OS sible)

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $69.96/mo
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  • VPS 4 GB

    • RAM 4 GB*

    • CORE 4

    • Disk Space 5o GB* (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 100 Mbit

    • Bandwidth 1 TB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $87.45/mo
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Features included with our Cambodia VPS server

GPU Server

Advanced hardware

SSD raid 10 latest generations and high-performance CPU is used to offer the best stability of the network all the time.

setting server

Ultimate protection

We ensure the protection of your VPS servers from web attacks and viruses. Therefore, there is anti-DDoS as a protection layer which always stands as enhanced security in your Cambodia VPS server.

Security host server

KVM Technology

All of our VPS servers are fully virtualized with KVM Technology. KVM Technology offers you the freedom to install multiple operating systems on your Cambodia VPS server.

speed server


Our Cambodia VPS services are fully scalable, which means you can manage your heavy workload during peak times by taking more resources.

root access server setting

Stable network

We ensure 99% stability and availability to give our customers the ultimate connectivity. Moreover, you can share your network with your partners without any issues.

root access server

Committed uptime

Our servers are located at Cambodia tier 3 data centers. Therefore we are confident in offering 99.99% uptime with all of our hosting plans.

Why Amaze Cambodia VPS server?

Amaze  offers you the best and cheap VPS hosting in Cambodia. Additionally, it also offers you scalability, flexibility and security in all of its VPS hosting plans. With amazing features, we are your go-to-go partner for a smooth hosting experience in Cambodia. Furthermore, the KVM technology and robust performance will definitely give you an edge over the competitors. So move forward with our cheap VPS hosting in Cambodia now.


Advantages of Cambodia VPS server

server performance


When you are going with Amaze VPS Cambodia managed to host, you don't need to worry about any configuration. Our team are monitoring your website for all the updates and configurations.


Setup RDN and configuration

With our Cambodia VPS server, you will get RDNs configuration with Linux and Windows systems for your IP addresses.

server reliability


One of the most amazing benefits you will get with our cheap VPS hosting in Cambodia is the bandwidth it offers. With the help of unlimited bandwidth, you can handle your high traffic effectively.

cheap dedicated vps server

Top-level security

We know the importance of our customers. Therefore we ensure the best security with Firewall protection in our Linux and Windows Cambodia VPS servers.

server security

Operating system

You can choose the operating system you need in your Cambodia VP SR word with Amaze . At the same time, we also offer you the re-installation operating system in your Cambodia VPS server.

server SLA

Full root access

Who doesn't want more freedom, especially when it comes to your website? That's why We offer you full root access to the Cambodia VPS server to create better control.


It’s never too late, when your company is growing you need more space. Especially when your company is growing in Cambodia you need a Cambodia VPS server to manage your Cambodia traffic.

We provide PayPal credit card and BTC

All of our VPS hosting is partnered with III-tier dedicated data centres.