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VPS-Amaze Servers


Buy Cheap Fast VPS Best Linux Windows Manage KVM / OPenVZ VPS virtual private server Hosting Provider services vds at Low Cost Price / Pricing Chicago

  • 1 GB RAM

    • Core 1

    • RAM 1 GB

    • Disk Space 30 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $50.98/mo
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  • 2 GB RAM

    • Core 2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • Disk Space 50 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2.5 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $58.82/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • Core 4

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Disk Space 80 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 4 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $72.96/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • Core 8

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Disk Space 500 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 8 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $92.78/mo
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Features of our Chicago VPS server

GPU Server

Data storage

Get the maximum storage you want in your Chicago VPS servers as we never compromise with the storage facility.

setting server

Powerful servers

Use our most powerful and redundant servers that you will never find anywhere else.

Security host server

Payment methods

We accept all types of payments whether it is bank transfer or PayPal. You can pay with any method you feel comfortable with.

speed server

24/7/365 e-mail and phone support

Take the benefit of our all-time available staff that is just a phone call far away from you.

root access server setting

Free SSL certificates

Provide the most secure connection to your website with our free SSL certificates and protect all your important information with this security.

root access server

Guaranteed resources

Your website will always perform at optimal levels by using our all-in-one highly performing components.

Why choose our colocation at Chicago VPS?

You will easily be able to get the most confounded and high-performing Chicago VPS servers for your websites and applications. Amaze servers will also help your customers get a smooth and fast-running website.You will enjoy a great variety of features with our servers such as firewall protection, high speed and performance, DDoS protection, root access, and many more.


Benefits of our Chicago VPS servers

server performance

Incredible hosting methods

We will provide you with the best and smooth working website with which your customers will get fully satisfied.


No downtime issue

You will get the uptime at a 99.99% guarantee to make you pleased and comfortable with our servers.

server reliability


You will never see such affordable Chicago VPS servers anywhere because we are the one who only wants to make our customers happy instead of charging unnecessary prices.

cheap dedicated vps server

Firewall and anti-DDoS protection

You will enjoy the benefit of our secret security, i.e., firewall protection and DDoS protection. This will protect your server from upcoming attacks.

server security

Equipped RAID

You can easily store all your data in different locations with our RAID facility to protect it from different attacks.

server SLA

No setup fee

You need not pay any set up fee when you are taking our services of Chicago VPS servers.


 You should not panic if you are facing any issues with the server. You only have to call our technical team which is always there to support and guide you. They will be there for your help within some time.

 The procedure to get started with Arise VPS hosting is very easy. You only have to get yourself register and pay the amount for the selected package. Our team will then start working on your server and will also set up the same for your convenience.

 We accept all types of payment. There is no such selection of payment methods. If you want to pay via cash, we accept that also.

Yes, you will get a management staff with your Chicago VPS server who will be there for you all time. However, it is your choice if you want to have the management desk for you or not. They will be there for you all time, no matter what is the time.