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Server colocation is the strategy for sending and facilitating an undertaking possessed server in the midst of an oversaw administration climate.

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Our Server Colocation

kvm-ssd-vpsIt allows a company to send their concerned servers at a previous server farm or IT administrations office. The server related administrations, programming bundles and different applications are undeniably overseen by the client, though the oversaw specialist organization (MSP) conveys the assets of the actual plot, power, and organization availability. 

Under server colocation, the server remains the property of the purchaser, but it is taken care of and oversaw by the MSP or at times, the cloud administration provider (CSP). The client or entrepreneur gets to the particular server across the web or over a VPN connect. The significant objective behind the possibility of server colocation is to consume expanded IT support administrations and key Data Innovation system or servers without heightening of huge functional costs. Moreover, for different help benefits, numerous servers likewise are provided alongside data transmission, power, actual security, and reinforcement administrations for the co-found server.

It is practically similar to devoted waiter facilitating, in which a committed waiter is facilitated inside the MSP office or server farm, put aside by the undeniable truth that the waiter is possessed active by the client or business venture.

Colocation Plans & Pricing

  • Server Colocation 1U

    • Server Unit Space 1 U

    • Data Transfer 100 GB

    • IP Addresses 2

    • Set-Up Free

    • Server 1
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  • Server Colocation 5U

    • Server Unit Space 5 U

    • Data Transfer 200 GB

    • IP Addresses 4

    • Set-Up Free

    • Server 2 Max
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  • Server Colocation 10U

    • Server Unit Space 10 U

    • Data Transfer 300 GB

    • IP Addresses 4

    • Set-Up Free

    • Server 5
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Why AmazeServers Web Host iDC

server security

Economies of Scale

Colocation licenses clients to secure advantages from economies of scale, which will not be sensible for them with an in-house choice of server working with. Dwelling server hardware under a colocation local area, for instance, AmazeServers gives induction to incredible levels of bandwidth true to form, at a very monetarily sagacious expense.

server performance

Low Association Torpidity

It is a commonly favorable plan when network latency may be made such a ton of lower with colocation, while immovability gets broadly higher. There is in like manner higher affirmation from power outages and every day of the week help for any issues which could arise.

server performance

Datacenter Foundation

Colocation licenses clients to take advantage of advanced server ranch system in staying aware of their servers, further developing workplace effectiveness and application sufficiency.

server security


Picking a hand crafted type of servers licenses clients to individualize their colocation system and pick the specific pieces of their structure that they need to invest huge energy in, looking over a spread of choices from AmazeServers for clients' necessities and monetary plans.

server reliability

Real Security

Clients can similarly pick colocation organizations because of additional critical degrees of genuine security as differentiated and in-house server working with.

server reliability

Disaster Recovery and Business Cognizance

By putting servers under AmazeServers colocation as opposed to at an on the spot space, clients coordinate an additional layer of affirmation and disaster recovery, enabling them to hold business basic information in unseemly circumstances.

Own Data Center Server Colocation Hosting

Server colocation in India is an extraordinary business approach because of the upsides of colocation surpassing the lesser benefits of overseeing in-house servers. In colocation facilitating, clients will actually want to plot their servers in AmazeServers strong rack space. In this way, after the client chooses AmazeServers server colocation facilitating administrations in India, they will actually want to achieve our unequaled data transfer capacity, organizing related gear, near solid security alongside programming support, cooling, and supply of force. This is the most financially savvy solution for organizations – outstandingly those organizations that notice keeping up their hidden servers on-premises is very relentless. There are various extraordinary benefits of choosing AmazeServers as your colocation server accomplice in India. In the first place the most fundamental yet significant benefit, AmazeServers server farms and colocation spaces are set a long way from districts expected to be inclined to cataclysmic events like floods and seismic tremors and are safeguarded against different fire risks. The more business-driven benefits are framed underneath for our clients.

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Business Needs Rack Space Colocation ?

Data center RACK that seem like gigantic storage spaces, and, surprisingly, their open rack adaptations, are fundamentally chosen for using their inside aspects in the most effective manner. The profundity of the different cupboards contrasts by limited quantities from one constructor to another, normally worked with 36″ with some of them as profound as 42″. They are shut on all sides. Server farm cupboards are furnished by 2 sets of posts, one being front and the other back, called a “4 post” design bureau. These are most regularly reachable in half bureau and full bureau arrangements.

Confine region is typically leased by estimating square feet. Colocation confines are frequently coordinated with a committed admittance framework for extra actual security. Since server confine regions are essentially private, the passage to a client’s enclosure, which can undoubtedly be in excess of 100 square feet, is generally past the extent of unapproved work force.

Consequently, confines offer unparalleled security and solidness. A confined space or confidential bureau furnishes the clients with additional administration of their colocation air without including the critical cost of planning their own server framework and related foundation. Flexibility and security at AmazeServers are frequently customized, made to match each client’s prerequisites.


24/7 Hosting Support.

Relax, we take care of you. At AmazeServers, we exceed everyone’s expectations to keep our clients fulfilled. We are continuously paying special attention to chances to offer our clients “extra” with each help. Contact our specialized helpdesk and we’d gladly help you with your Cloud facilitating, Colocation Server, VPS facilitating, committed Server or affiliate facilitating arrangement. Reach out to us and we’d cover all your facilitating needs, despite how unusual they may be.




AmazeServers has been in this business for over 10 years. Being the full proprietor of our server farms gives us full control on the most proficient method to push ahead on the lookout and being steadfast with our drawn out clients.

Indeed, our clients can visit the server farms and have the full right to check whether they are getting back for what they are paying. We take care that every one of your inquiries get responded to and you can visit any piece of the server farm alongside the authority concerned.

Indeed, AmazeServers is not many of those colocation benefits that offer month to month types of assistance with reasonable bundles. We likewise deal to stretch out your all around bought bundles to additional months or even a long time according to your necessity.

The whole AmazeServers colocation administration bundle incorporates every one of the essential administrations that ought to be inside an ideal fundamental colocation facilitating bundle. Aside from this we likewise offer extra paid types of assistance as and when required. To be familiar with these extra administrations, you can contact our focuses or get data on our server colocation facilitating page.

In other facilitating administrations like shared server or committed server facilitating administrations, the specialist co-op gives both the gear as well as the space for the facilitating. While in colocation facilitating administrations, you should furnish with the hardware we as a facilitating prover will lease you space, power and transmission capacity to ensure that your administrations run continuous.