Costa Rica VPS Server

Start managing and controlling your business with our VPS server in Costa Rica. We make it possible to build the most secured, performance-driven and speedy business in Costa Rica. Choose our Costa Rica VPS and multiply business productivity.

VPS-Amaze Servers


Buy Cheap Fast VPS Best Linux Windows Manage KVM / OPenVZ VPS virtual private server Hosting Provider services vds at Low Cost Price / Pricing Costa Rica

  • VPS 1 GB

    • CPU Core 1

    • RAM 1 GB

    • HDD 15 GB

    • Port Speed 100 Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $39.99/mo
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  • VPS 2 GB

    • CPU Core 1

    • RAM 2 GB

    • HDD 30 GB

    • Port Speed 100 Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $59.95/mo
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  • VPS 3 GB

    • CPU Core 2

    • RAM 3 GB

    • HDD 45 GB

    • Port Speed 100 Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $79.55/mo
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  • VPS 4 GB

    • CPU Core 3

    • RAM 4 GB

    • HDD 60 GB

    • Port Speed 100 Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux / Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $129.15/mo
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GPU Server

SSD technology

Use the High-speed Solid state drive technology to boost the speed and experience of your business.

setting server

Fullroot/Administrative access

Our VPS server offers you complete root access which is the highest administrative access.

Security host server

High-speed unmetered bandwidth

Get the high-speed unmetered bandwidth to speed up and spread your business to larger audiences.

speed server

IPv4 and IPv6 are both available

We provide IPv4 and IPv6 both IP addresses which ensure high security and protection on the server.

root access server setting


You can easily reboot, restart and reinstall your server easily by yourself with our fratire-rich control panel.

root access server

High-performance CPU

Our high-performance VPS server CPU will enhance your server outcome to a great

Why do you need Amaze server VPS hosting services in Costa Rica?

As the business grows, you need a powerful, secure and manageable resource, which can take your business to the next level. Our Costa Rica VPS server has been developed keeping this requirement in mind. Amaze server uses high-quality hardware and software in its VPS server to meet all your expectations. We do not compromise on anything, whether it is performance, speed or security. Our most skilled and experienced technical team understands all your needs and fulfils them.

Advantages of Using VPS hosting server from Amaze server in Costa Rica

server performance

Live statistics

get the status of your live server use and analyze the business and server as per your need.


KVM virtualization

Get independent resource access with our KVM virtualization. Install the operating system as per your needs.

server reliability

Control panel option availability

We give you the option to choose your Control panel. We have the license for Cpanel to ISPmanager

cheap dedicated vps server

SSL certificate with each VPS server

With each of our VPS server hosting, we offer an SSL certificate to our customers in Costa Rica.

server security

Server under your

All your server resources and data will be completely under your control as you will have the control panel and root access.

server SLA


Install the software, customize server resources and personalize your business with our VPS server hosting.


Our team can migrate your VPS server with full protection and without losing data.  However, for this, you have to first contact our technical team.  They will understand your needs and assist you accordingly.

If you are talking about increasing the speed of the server for your customers, then you should choose the data location which is closest to your audience.  It increases the speed of your data transfer.  Hence, your server can give a faster and better experience.

VPS server is your personal and private server, in this, you do not need to share your resources with anyone, it is your dedicated resource.  So you can install any type of software whenever you want.  But at the same time, you should also take into account your server resources capabilities.

If you host more than two websites on your VPS server then it will not be a problem because it is your private server.  But you should also keep in mind the configurations of your server.

Our VPS server is very flexible, you can easily increase its resources as per your wish.