Dedicated Server Germany

Choose a dedicated server in Germany and scale your business with high-speed networks and performance. Select the server location near your customers in Germany with our large set of acquired data centers.

Dedicated hosting server


Buy Cheap and Best Manage Linux Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Low Cost Price / Pricing Germany

  • Intel Xeon E-2286G

    • Cores 6x 4.00 GHz

    • RAM 64 GB RAM DDR4 ECC

    • Storage 2x 960 GB SSD

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • IPv6 Enabled

    • IPv4 One
    From $179.00/mo
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  • Intel Xeon Silver 4214

    • Cores 12x 2.20 GHz

    • RAM 128 GB RAM DDR4 ECC

    • Storage 2x 1.92 TB SSD

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • IPv6 Enabled

    • IPv4 One
    From $229.00/mo
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  • AMD EPYC 9354P

    • Cores 32x 3.25 GHz

    • RAM 192 GB DDR5 ECC

    • HDDs 2x 960 GB NVMe SSD

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • IPv6 Enabled

    • IPv4 One
    From $449.00/mo
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  • Intel Xeon E-2146G

    • Cores 6x 3.50 GHz

    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC

    • Storage 2x 22 TB HDD

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • IPv6 Enabled

    • IPv4 One

    From $199.00/mo
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Security host server

Control panel

Manage your server at your preference with our control panel options. Choose which you like most.

GPU Server

Security and privacy

The effort has been made to secure all your data and server at Amaze server.

Security host server

IP4 and IP6 Availability

We offer both IP4 and IP6 addresses to protect and enhance your server.

speed server


Get a large offsite backup space to enhance your security for internal services.

root access server

High-speed network

Bring a high-speed network interface to your business with Amaze server's dedicated server.

root access server setting

Operating system

Select your preferred operating system (windows or Linux) during your checkout process.

Why do you need a dedicated server in Germany from us?

As the business grows, they need more strong and secure resources.  Also, full control is needed in every business. That’s a reason you need a dedicated server over a shared server.

Our services come with maximum uptime and fully secured technology. Amaze server offers you multiple contingencies which offer several power and internet connections. Furthermore, You get complete root access to your server.


Reasons to choose Amaze server Dedicated server in Germany

server performance

Precise Infrastructure

Our Server is designed with great and precise infrastructure for your maximum benefits.

server security

Personal Support

Get help anytime for any sort of server issue with our technical support.

server reliability

Fast Instalment

Amaze server will install your dedicated server within a day of your order.

cheap dedicated vps server

Completely Isolated

With our Germany dedicated server, you don't need to share resources with anyone.


Unmanaged and Root Access

You will have ultimate control over your server as it comes with unmanaged and root access.

server SLA

Maximum Uptime

Say goodbye to the downtime of your website. Experience the maximum uptime with Amaze server.


 Once you install our dedicated server, You are now free to download and install any sort of software or application easily on your Germany dedicated server.

Yes, Our services are extremely flexible. All our dedicated servers are quite upgradeable. You can start with our basic plan and can upgrade whenever you want.

 AmazeServers offers you a remarkably protected server. Your server is secured with DDoS protection and yes we also provide RAID to give you an extra data layer.

 A dedicated server is one of the best server solutions for any business. It is not very difficult to understand whether you need a dedicated server or not. If you want a server that can run without compromising speed, smoothness, performance, and security then a dedicate dserver is for you. traffic should furthermore be taken into account. With a dedicated server, You can handle any number of traffic on your server.

 You will get higher authority and access to your server. We offer you root access which makes you capable to access your server deeply.