Taiwan Dedicated Server

Your business needs good network connectivity and hardware support to be successful. Our Taiwan dedicated server completely satisfies this wish of yours. Choose our services and feel an unprecedented smoothness and speed.

Dedicated hosting server


Buy Cheap and Best Manage Linux Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Low Cost Price / Pricing Taiwan

  • INTEL E3-1230V2/V3 OR E3-1231V3

    • RAM 8GB

    • HDD 1 TB

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 2500GB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $218.54/mo
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  • INTEL E3-1230V5

    • RAM 8GB

    • HDD 1TB / 240GB

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 2500GB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $229.14/mo
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  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Quad Cores

    • RAM 8GB

    • HDD 1TB

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 4TB Traffic

    • IPv4 - One
    From $250.34/mo
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  • Intel® Xeon® E-2136 Hexa Core

    • RAM 16GB

    • HDD 500GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 4TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $271.54/mo
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  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640

    • RAM 64GB

    • HDD 2x 500GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 4TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $366.94/mo
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  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630v2

    • RAM 128GB

    • HDD 2x 1000GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Bandwidth 100Mbps / 4TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $684.94/mo
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Security host server

Quick server set up

Once you completed your purchase of the server, We'll set up everything quickly

GPU Server

Data centers availability

You can choose the data centres which are nearest to your potential customers.

Security host server

Dedicated IP address

All our customers get dedicated IP addresses with our Taiwan Dedicated server.

speed server

Advanced SSDS

Our SSD storage type will boost your dedicated server speed unexceptional in Taiwan.

root access server

Absolute Uptime ensured

Maximum Uptime is guaranteed with the Amaze server solution. Your business will always be in active mode.

root access server setting

Faster international bandwidth

With our faster international bandwidth, you can transfer data quickly on your server.

Why is Amaze server the best solution for your Taiwan dedicated server?

Amaze server is committed to delivering you a high-quality and performance-driven dedicated server solution. Our dedicated servers are used by different business industries such as gaming, e-commerce, and cooperative websites all over the country.

All the Features and advantages associated with our dedicated server will quickly attract you and force you to acquire our server immediately. There is high availability to choose data canters and Operating systems.


Benefits of obtaining our Dedicated Server in Taiwan

server performance


We have designed our dedicated server for maximizing your performance and productivity.

cheap dedicated vps server


Amaze server offers you an exceedingly nominal price for every server plan. so why wait? just purchase.

server reliability

Stable Network Performance

No ups and downs in the network. Experience the Smooth and state network performance.

server security

Data Centers

Your data is fully secured with several security layers in our technologically advanced data centers.


RDP and SSH Root Access

We offer our customers an unmanaged server with full RDP and SSH root access.

server SLA

Customer support

Our customer support team is always onboard to help you with any technical issue. So, just relax, we are here.


CPU, Memory, hard disc Size, data redundancy type, bandwidth limits, etc, are the main components to look at while choosing the right server for your business in Taiwan.

No, a single IP address will do all your tasks for multiple websites. It is not necessary to purchase a separate IP address for every website.

Yes, you can upgrade the resources of your dedicated server whenever you want. All our Taiwan dedicated server solutions are very flexible and customizable to upgrade

Yes, a dedicated server is mainly popular for giving full control and management of ability. We at air Amaze Server offer you complete SSH root access. Root access is one of the highest administrative accesses of your server. With the help of root access, one can easily make changes to their server.
We are glad to see that you want to use our services. To start with our services, you can easily select any of our plans and make payment for the same. We will verify your details and soon we will install your server and you will be able to host your websites, applications and software on it.