Disaster Recovery Solution

Even if your business was closed for some reason, you can still access your email, SQL, and applications like business productivity software easily. Along with this, you also get built-in security protocols and data encryption, so you don't have to worry about information falling into the wrong hands.



If you are a business owner and if your business is online then downtime can be considered as no less than a nightmare for you. And you should try that you always avoid downtime. But with so much projected from your IT department, it can be very hard to provide Disaster Recovery (DR) the time and interest it requires. By handing it over to us, you can be certain that nothing is ever missed.

We at AmazeServers provide a disaster recovery where all your backed-up data & recovery tools can be stored. There are three major tiers offered, with the first tier you will get offsite backups & full-system restore services, while Tier 2 allows for instant file & folder recovery by downloading openly from your cloud. Tier 3 uses Virtualization of your systems & data, and in the occasion of a disaster can be used as a failover.

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Why pick Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Reducing Charges 

Local & in-house Disaster Recovery solutions are costly and tough to sustain, particularly when you have factor such as hidden charges like time & risk. With a DRaaS solution, you cut extra charges while your recovery develops and scales as required over time, so you’re constantly one step ahead.    

No dedicated hardware or infrastructure

It decreases data footprint by simply spinning up DR resources for an incident it Optimizes costs by using fully incorporated cloud backups for DR plans. It also gets rid of the requirements of a managed DR site, hardware, or software. It helps you Increase worker productivity through policy-driven mechanization

Access to proficiency 

Working with us brings the familiarity you require to plan, deliver and sustain a healthy DR strategy without hiring an in-house professional. When it comes to amplification IT within your industry, working together to recognize the problems or difficulties is key. So that’s where we start.   

Boost your DR readiness

It helps you decrease the danger of Ransomware with protected, air-gapped backup. With ABC you can avoid downtime with easy, automated failover/failback implementation. Integrated orchestration & ran book management for VMware & AWS. Effortlessly clone VPC settings to your target surroundings for DR inclination

Nonstop Protection

Cloud backup runs involuntarily in the background without interference. Your workflow is supreme.

Unlimited Storage

No file size, or amount restrictions. Back up the whole thing, you must keep your site running.

Restore Data where it’s required

You get this facility so that you can restore your files with or without IT on a different device or through a web browser.

Smart Protection

Rightly guard the files that are key aspects to you with modified file selection & backup/restore priority for the files that you’re working on this immediate.

Customizable File Retention

Control how frequently to back up new versions & how long to store files you remove. Restore to an earlier version in just a couple clicks.

Secondary Drive Support

Store an added backup locally for faster restoration. Plus, keep data on secondary drives at no additional cost.

Flexibility & Control

 Centrally manage & monitor all your accounts, in addition, to failover in a failure without third-party involvement.

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