Europe VPS Server

Amaze Server has been the leading VPS server provider since 2015. Our team has started with the mission to improve hosting performance and we are doing that with our top-notch Europe-based VPS servers. Unlock your online potential through our fast and most secure VPS servers.

VPS-Amaze Servers


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  • VPS Europe 1 GB

    • Core 1

    • RAM 1 GB

    • Disk Space 25 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited Traffic

    • IPv4 - One
    From $34.00/mo
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    • Core 2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • Disk Space 50 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited Traffic

    • IPv4 - One
    From $40.00/mo
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  • VPS Europe 4 GB

    • Core 4

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Disk Space 100 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited Traffic

    • IPv4 - One
    From $64.00/mo
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  • VPS Europe 8 GB

    • Core 6

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Disk Space 250 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth Unlimited Traffic

    • IPv4 - One
    From $92.00/mo
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Our Europe VPS server features

GPU Server

200 Mbit/s guaranteed speed

Supercharge your website or web app with the top speed VPS servers without any traffic restrictions.

setting server

24x7 support

At Amaze servers, we have a dedicated team of technology experts that are available 24x7 for your assistance.

Security host server

Certified Tier III Data Center

We have the most advanced setup of servers that runs 24x7. Moreover, we have the most advanced backend setup.

speed server

Fast SSDs

Double up your web asset’s performance with the superfast solid-state drives installed in every VPS server.

root access server setting

DDOS attack

Your website or web application is secure with our VPS servers which are best known for their reliability.

root access server

99.99% Uptime

We offer 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Get uninterrupted VPS hosting service with our Europe VPS servers.

Why Amaze Server is the best option for your VPS server in Europe?

You can have everything set for your website whether you are building one high-performing site or an army of them. We will provide you with whatever you wish to have. Get all the customizable and scalable servers for your website and take your business to the next level. Our team will provide you with everything you want.


Advantages of using Amaze server VPS servers in Europe

server performance

Manage multiple servers

Do you want to have more than one server for your business? You can have it without facing any issues with our all-in-one Europe VPS servers.


Control over servers

Control our Europe VPS servers and make changes as per your business needs without even asking anything.

server reliability

Manage your files

Manage all your files and documents and modify them on your virtual private servers by creating accounts over them.

cheap dedicated vps server

Create passwords

Want to have your privacy? You can create passwords on your Europe VPS server account so that no one can take advantage of your VPS server.

server security

Premium connectivity

Get the lowest latency rate throughout Europe by working with our team of experts and asking them everything you want.

server SLA

Great support

Get support from our technical team at any time from anywhere, no matter where you are, they will come for help.


 You will get only brand new Hardware systems in our Europe VPS server. We use only trusted brands for our customers so that you get the best and your website performs the best. You will never find anything out of the brand because it is our aim to make our customers fully satisfied.

 You do not have to worry about the security purpose of your Europe VPS servers because we are here for your security. Our servers have many things for the security of your business and data. You will get everything already fitted in your server and they will activate automatically at the time of attacks.

 Of course, you can get anything you want to have in your Europe VPS servers. Our servers are fully customizable and you can add or remove anything you wish. You only have to talk to our technical team and they will tell you the whole procedure. After making the additional payment, you will get everything you wish to have.