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In view of the AMD Ryzen stage, our servers furnish your clients with a mind blowing gaming experience. They can play, make and offer without execution or strength imperatives. Our enemy of DDoS security framework is persistently streamlined to stay aware of the most recent computer game deliveries.



Why Choose AmazeServer Game Servers

Design software or app on your dedicated server to stream your live games, while collaborating with your local area when you play multiplayer games, in preparing or contests Get by as far as might be feasible! a server uncommonly intended for web based gaming

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Against DDoS Game

The Counter DDoS Game arrangement, included with our Game devoted servers, is all the most effective and hearty available. Its motivation is to stay away from any personal time for your administrations. Not at all like standard arrangements, it is adjusted to UDP traffic (utilized for video, sound and computer games), with entrance and departure traffic inspected. Game-explicit profiles can likewise be applied, to additionally streamline the security. If there should be an occurrence of a dispersed disavowal of administration (DDoS) assault, players don't know about anything!

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A definitive gaming experience

Our Game servers have up to 1Gbit/s data transfer capacity, to handle traffic without compromising assistance accessibility. With Amaze Sevrer datacentres based across the globe, you can lease servers nearest to where your gamers are based, for the least inactivity conceivable. It is an ideal answer for proficient affiliates and programming distributer, with ideal execution at a reasonable cost.

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Crude power for gaming

The most recent age of AMD Ryzen processors depends on Harmony 3 design. It brings significant changes, which bring about better execution. We furnish you with the full force of these processors, because of fluid cooling (watercooling) guaranteeing ideal proficiency. With this new age of Ryzen processors, you gain up to 26% more execution than with the past forms (3000 series).

Select the Game Servers Plan specifications require

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

    • CPU Core 6c/12t - 3.8 GHz/4.4 GHz

    • Memory 32GB

    • Storage 2× 500GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID

    • Public bandwidth 250Mbit/s unmetered (burst 500Mbit/s)

    • Private bandwidth No private bandwidth

    • Datacenter Location France | Germany | Poland | United Kingdom | Canada
    From $175.38/mo
    $120.00 Setup Fee
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  • AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

    • CPU Core 8c/16t - 3.9GHz/4.5GHz

    • Memory 64GB

    • Storage 2× 960GB SSD

    • Public bandwidth 250Mbit/s unmetered (burst 500Mbit/s)

    • Datacenter Location France| Germany | Poland | United Kingdom|
    From $208.10/mo
    $159.99 Setup Fee
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  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

    • CPU Core 8c/16t - 3.8GHz/4.7GHz

    • Memory 64GB

    • Storage 2× 960GB SSD

    • Public bandwidth 250Mbit/s unmetered (burst 1Gbit/s)

    • Datacenter Location France| Germany | Poland | United Kingdom|
    From $266.38/mo
    $205.99 Setup Fee
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  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

    • CPU Core - 6c/12t - 3.7GHz/4.6GHz

    • Memory 32GB

    • Storage 2× 500GB SSD

    • Public bandwidth 250Mbit/s unmetered (burst 1Gbit/s)

    • Datacenter Location France| Germany | Poland | United Kingdom|
    From $208.83/mo
    $145.99 Setup Fee
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Range of our Game Servers

To ensure that your business stays on the web, you will require expanded specialized abilities, and HR that can propose nonstop help. Our specialists can deal with all of this in a consistently changing scene that frequently incorporates countless factors (traffic spikes, showcasing efforts, occasional ventures, and so forth.). Reevaluating your foundation the executives gives you adaptability and responsiveness. You can then rely on the aptitude of framework organization trained professionals. AmazeServers offers standard and high level administrations custom-made to your business, to decrease your administration expenses and backing your development. Increment the perceivability of your application surroundings by gathering, handling and putting away your logs on a far reaching, oversaw stage. We offer a turn-key, practical and versatile arrangement, so you can zero in on your center business.

Advantages of Game Server

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Load Balancer

The AmazeServers Burden Balancer disperses the traffic load on the IP addresses for your administrations facilitated in our datacentres. You should utilize this choice to appropriate your traffic across a few servers (for example for an internet business site). You can likewise utilize it to identify inaccessible servers, and divert traffic to at least one working servers.

server security

Anti DDoS Game Security

The computer game and e-sports area is one of the most famous focuses for DDoS assaults. Thus, it is fundamental for facilitating stages to have the option to moderate these incessant and enormous dangers. Therefore we have created explicit enemy of DDoS insurance for this movement.

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You can introduce various working frameworks consequently through the AmazeServers Control Board. This incorporates different working frameworks (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS), Plesk and cPanel web the board interfaces, and furthermore Microsoft SQL Server for data sets. Virtualisation arrangements, as VMware, CoreOS and Windows Hyper-V, are likewise accessible.

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Addon Storage

Is it safe to say that you are streaming, facilitating a pretend (RP) server as well as sorting out a cutthroat occasion? Our Game devoted servers are intended to assist you with conveying the best amusement to your local area. With record capacity arrangements completely oversaw by AmazeServers, get concentrated, elite execution stockpiling and reinforcement spaces for your information.


Help and backing

By leasing servers from AmazeServers, you get specialized help by means of phone and email. You can likewise talk to our counsels, who are prepared to help. We likewise offer a scope of guides and an internet based assist community with helping you in introducing and dealing with your administrations.

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All servers in the reach have a SLA of 99.90%, giving you the most noteworthy accessibility for your applications.


As gaming experts, your standing is subject to the dependability of your administrations. By picking AmazeServers, you get the best equipment execution at an incredible cost. We consolidate our Game servers with the most recent innovation (water cooling, hostile to DDoS Game assurance, and so on), to convey a definitive encounter for your networks.

The arrangement charges cover the expense of gathering and associating your server in our datacentres. The underlying expenses are just charged once, when the help is set up. This implies they are not connected to your responsibility period.

The choices are accessible at the server arrangement step. You can likewise arrange and empower choices straightforwardly by means of the AmazeServers Control Board, after your administration has been conveyed.

What more energizing separated from a blasting quick speed and max execution at a reasonable expense? You get these with our least expensive committed server by making a little speculation.

You get the top notch and ultra rapid organization foundation with the devoted Server that outcomes in high server speed and quick organization execution. You can undoubtedly investigate your administrations over an enormous organization with committed assets of our Modest Dedicated Server.

We give the best in state safety efforts to safeguard our client’s significant information from pernicious sites. Our Committed Server accompanies the high level security that safeguards from the port examining, animal power, TCP, DOS, UDP based infection assaults.