Come and check out one of the most distinguished VPS server solutions in Lithuania at Amaze. You will get powerful performance and stability with our server. Now, your business will no longer go through any downtime issues.

VPS-Amaze Servers


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  • VPS 1 GB

    • vCPU Core 1

    • RAM 1GB

    • HDD 20GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Traffic 1TB

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux Only

    • Technology KVM
    From $38.09/mo
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  • VPS 2 GB

    • vCPU Core 2

    • RAM 2GB

    • HDD 40GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Traffic 1TB

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux Only

    • Technology KVM
    From $49.40/mo
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  • VPS 4 Gb

    • vCPU Core 4

    • RAM 4GB

    • HDD 80GB SSD

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Traffic 1TB

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux Only

    • Technology KVM
    From $59.72/mo
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  • VPS 6 Gb

    • vCPU Core 2

    • RAM 6GB

    • HDD 2TB

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • Traffic 25TB

    • IPv4 One

    • OS Linux Only

    • Technology KVM
    From $69.04/mo
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Features of our Lithuania VPS servers

GPU Server

Responsive Server

You will never feel a slow speed and lag on your server. However, you can reboot or reinstall the server at any time with some
simple clicks.

setting server

Operating system

You can choose your preferred operating system as we will give you plenty of options to start your VPS server.

Security host server

Maximize performance

Come and maximize the speed of your server with our all-in-one and fastest Lithuania VPS hosting.

speed server

Faster Network experience

Get the fastest network for your Lithuania VPS server to increase the overall performance of your website.

root access server setting

Uptime sure

Every server or package will ensure you provide the maximum uptime guarantee.

root access server

Customer support

Your every problem will be solved in minutes with our best and most experienced
dedicated team.

Why you should choose our Lithuania VPS server?

You will enjoy a robust VPS server solution with our best and most dedicated team and robust VPS servers. Our main aim is to give you the maximum uptime guarantee with our server. You will never face any dissatisfying experience or slow speed while working with Amaze because our servers are built with the best Hardware and server infrastructure.


Best advantages of our Lithuania VPS servers

server performance

Certified services

All of our server facilities are first certified by our world-renowned organizations and then given to our customers.


Scalable system

We want to provide you with a server that can be scaled easily as per the growth of your business. You can upgrade our services at any time.

server reliability

Quality network support

Get quality network support with all of our Lithuania VPS servers to take your business to the next level.

cheap dedicated vps server

Technical support

We are always there for your help. Just raise your hands and ask all your queries, and we will solve them in the shortest time possible.

server security

SLA fulfillment

All those facilities and features that are available in our SLA will be completed in our Lithuania VPS servers.

server SLA

Server management

We will provide you full power to manage your server so that you also know what is going on in your server.


 Yes, you will get IPv4 and IPv6 with our Lithuania VPS servers because the speed, security, and performance of your server really matter to us. Therefore, you will get a chance to select from these IP addresses. However, if you want to have more than one IP address, you will have to pay extra for that.

 We accept all types of payment for our servers. We do not want our customers to face any problems regarding anything. Therefore, whether it is card payment, PayPal, bank transfer, or anything, we accept for our customers.

 Yes, you will get the option to increase the memory space of your server if you want. However, we ourselves provide a lot of space for memory but if you want to have some more, you can talk to our team and make the payment. They will fulfill your demand.

 You will get everything you want for your VPS server. We will provide everything. You can get the dedicated server if you want and for this, you have to select the appropriate package.