Mexico VPS server

Come and take the advantage of the best bandwidth and security for your website along with the best network infrastructure and Hardware at Amaze server. We aim to give you the best by fully satisfying all your needs.

VPS-Amaze Servers


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  • VPS 2 GB

    • CPU 1 Core

    • RAM 2 GB

    • HDD 100 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $109.30/mo
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  • VPS 4 GB

    • CPU 1 Core

    • RAM 4 GB

    • HDD 150 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $121.99/mo
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  • VPS 6 GB

    • CPU 2 Core

    • RAM 6 GB

    • HDD 200 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $134.68/mo
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  • VPS 8 GB

    • CPU 2 Core

    • RAM 8 GB

    • HDD 250 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $147.37/mo
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  • VPS 10 GB

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 10 GB

    • HDD 300 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $160.06/mo
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  • VPS 12 GB

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 12 GB

    • HDD 350 GB


    • PORT SPEED 100 Mbps on 1 Gbps

    • IPv4 One
    From $172.75/mo
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Features of our Mexico VPS server

GPU Server

99.99% uptime

We offer a full-time guarantee on your Mexico VPS server because our servers are located at the top-tier locations.

setting server

Unmetered traffic

You will find that after taking our servers, your website is having unlimited traffic over it only because of our experienced staff.

Security host server

Security all-time

Our team will be there for your support at all times and you can contact them via call, text, or email.

speed server

Protection from attacks

You will get anti-DDoS protection over your Mexico VPS servers so that any harmful attack may not harm your

root access server setting

Database management

Use our fully customized feature and manage your server by organizing and editing the database.

root access server


Our dedicated configurations are fitted with enhanced cPanel that will help you manage your website, domain, and emails.

Why you should choose our Mexico VPS servers

Our team of professionals is always there for you to resolve all your problems. The servers we provide to our clients are assembled and designed by our own team of professionals. Additionally, Amaze has full security plans for your servers to make all your data safe and secure.


Benefits of Amaze VPS servers

server performance

SHH root access

Make the changes over your server easily with our full SSH control and handle your server yourself.


IP address

Increase the security of your server by adding passwords to it and we will provide you with one IP address for this.

server reliability

SSL certificate

Improve your website with our free SSL certification so that you may get the best for your servers.

cheap dedicated vps server


We provide fully flexible servers to our clients so that they may customize them as per their business needs.

server security


All of our packages include different services and are very much affordable. You will never see such cost-effective
plans anywhere.

server SLA

Secured storage

Keep your files and documents safe and secure with our most secure network. This will also increase the traffic to your website as it will not hang.


 Yes, you will be given with full backup plan which will save all your data and documents. We only want to make our customers happy and when all the data of our clients will be in safe hands, they will automatically get satisfied.

 We accept all the types of payments in our Mexico VPS servers whether it is PayPal, card payment, cash, or anything else. You can make your payment as you wish but will have to inform our team so that we get ready for this.

 It is very simple to get started with our Mexico VPS servers. You first have to register yourself for our server, then you will have to select the appropriate plan as per your business needs. And after that, you have to make the payment. After completing all three steps. Our team will start working on your Mexico VPS server and will hand it over to you per the time given.

You should not worry about the migration process. If you want to migrate your server, you only have to contact our technical team. They will migrate your server properly and will not even charge anything extra for their service.