With AmazeServers you get all the benefits and advantages you are looking for in a Netherlands VPS server. It is our duty to give you relief with maximum resources and VPS functions. We maintain the reliability and quality of each of our servers.

VPS-Amaze Servers


Buy Cheap Fast VPS Best Linux Windows Manage KVM / OPenVZ VPS virtual private server Hosting Provider services vds at Low Cost Price / Pricing Netherlands

  • 1 GB RAM

    • CPU Core 1

    • Ram 1 GB

    • Storage 25GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 2TB

    • IPv4 One

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • Available OS Linux

    • Managed Support
    From $12.00/mo
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  • 2 GB RAM

    • CPU Core 2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • Storage 50GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 4TB

    • IPv4 One

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • Available OS Linux / Windows

    • Managed Support
    From $21.00/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • CPU Core 4

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Storage 100GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 6TB

    • IPv4 One

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • Available OS Linux / Windows

    • Managed Support
    From $29.00/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • CPU Core 6

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Storage 250GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 8TB

    • IPv4 One

    • DDoS Protection Included

    • Available OS Linux / Windows

    • Managed Support
    From $52.00/mo
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Features of our Netherlands VPS servers

GPU Server

Control panel

Connect unlimited amounts of websites with your VPS server with our all-in-one private network.

setting server

Entrepreneur-grade network

Bring the high-speed network performance to work like a multinational entrepreneur company.

Security host server

Simple and apparent dashboard

We offer a simple but most understandable dashboard to acknowledge the growth and activities on your server.

speed server

Service level agreement

Fulfilling all our Service level agreements is our first concern with every VPS server we offer.

root access server setting

Security and speed

With a wide range of security software and virus protection, you are absolutely safe and secure on Amaze Servers.

root access server

Quick and quality setup

Our team will accumulate the resources and set up your server quickly after getting your server request.

Why should you choose to amaze server for your Netherlands VPS server

Being the most valued and popular VPS server provider in Netherlands, We have acquired the most vital resources and configurations for your VPS server. Offers the fastest network speed in the country and assure a smooth user experience on your server.

With AmazesServer VPS hosting, you can secure your online business completely. Our anti-DDoS and Firewall protection help you to manage your business without having the fear of virus or malware attacks


Advantages of our Netherlands VPS servers

server performance

Instantly available

Our VPS resources and configurations are always available for you in Netherlands. You can order your VPS server anytime.

server security

Unlimited traffic

You get the benefit of bringing unlimited traffic to your server without having slow speed issues.

server reliability

Completely certified

Our VPS server hosting services are completely certified and suggested by leading entrepreneurial companies.

cheap dedicated vps server

Customers support

You receive enormous customer support from our side to get rid of every issue with your VPS server.


Utmost performance

Performance is our core mission. We have great performance-driven resources with our VPS server for you.

server SLA

Protection and privacy

We give Anti-DDoS, RAID, and Firewall protection to make the AmazeServer the most secure place for VPS server services.


Yes, as mentioned above, we provide Anti-DDoS protection with our Virtual private server in Netherlands. It allows you to protect your VPS server and hosted businesses from sudden or unusual viruses or DDoS attacks

Yes, we offer SSD with every VPS solution. Solid state drives disc storage allows you to speed up your website and application loading time. It takes less time to open or close the server. It also offers faster function activities on the server.

All our Netherlands VPS server data locations are based on the country of Netherlands only.  The reason is simple, the closer your data centers are, the more speed you’ll get.

Yes, We are always with you for your VPS server issue. You can let us know your problem, we will listen to you and come up with all the possible solutions.

We offer both managed and unmanaged services to our customers as per their need and requirements.