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  • VPS 4GB

    • CPU Core 2

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Disk Space 50 GB

    • Port Speed 40 Mbps

    • Bandwidth 250 GB

    • IPv4 One
    From $115.00/mo
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  • VPS 8GB

    • CPU Core 4

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Disk Space 100 GB

    • Port Speed 40 Mbps

    • Bandwidth 500 GB

    • IPv4 One
    From $178.00/mo
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  • VPS 16GB

    • CPU Core 8

    • RAM 16 GB

    • Disk Space 200 GB

    • Port Speed 40 Mbps

    • Bandwidth 1000 GB

    • IPv4 One
    From $281.00/mo
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  • VPS 32GB

    • CPU Core 16

    • RAM 32 GB

    • Disk Space 400 GB

    • Port Speed 40 Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2000 GB

    • IPv4 One
    From $389.00/mo
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Features of our Philippines VPS servers

GPU Server

Processing potential

Get the most advanced Intel Xeon processor on your server and fulfill all the mediums of your projects easily.

setting server


We provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee for server uptime and attract visitors by providing a seamless experience.

Security host server

Access over server

Enjoy complete control over your server and make changes as you want as per
your business needs.

speed server

Backup availability

You will get a complete backup for all your data and files because we do care about the important documents of our customers.

root access server setting

Operating system

Choose the best operating system for you from plenty of available options and start your website to earn more.

root access server

Best performing server

You will never find such a flexible and scalable Philippines VPS server anywhere because we are the only one that will meet all your needs.

Why you should buy our Philippines VPS server?

We are considered the cheapest and the best Philippines VPS server provider because we know how to tackle the problems of our customers. The plans we offer to our clients are very affordable that you can easily buy them. The responses we get from our past customers are really commendable. We have always got the positive reviews from our clients.

Benefits of our Philippines VPS server

server performance

Online Security

Provide a shield to your website and protect all your data with the all-in-one security that we provide to our clients.


High-speed connections

Our main aim is to provide the highest speed connection to our clients so that more and more customers come and visit their website.

server reliability

Residential IP

Get one IP address for your server so that you can name your server and can easily convey the server to our team.

cheap dedicated vps server

Fastest in the market

You will face no dependency on any end of the server as we want to give you the best and the fastest network and server for your website.

server security

Gather any data

We can handle any target. So, you can easily give anything to us for customization and changes.

server SLA


Get free SSL certification in your Philippines VPS server to manage and protect all your files and important documents.


 Obviously, you can use our Philippines VPS servers for your website and especially if you want to have high flexibility and power in your website. there will be no need to share your CPU power, disk space, or RAM with anyone when you will be taking our services.

 No, you do not have to be fully trained to operate our Philippines VPS servers. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our servers, therefore, we built a server that is very easy to use and can be operated with just some clicks. However, as we provide root access to our clients, and to make changes and manage your server, you will need to have a little knowledge. Some quality of knowledge will be more than enough to make the changes as per your business needs.

Of course, you will get the most secured Philippines VPS servers for your business because we want our customers to have blind trust in our team so that we can work properly and without any tension. Our main motive is to give the most secure server to our clients so that they do not face any difficulty in the near future.