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Come and give power to your website or web applications by taking our fast and powerful South Africa VPS server hosting. Our team uses only the best Hardware system so that your website runs smoothly and effortlessly.

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  • 4 GB RAM

    • vCPU 2 Cores

    • RAM4GB

    • Storage 100GB SSD

    • Web Traffic1TB

    • IPv4One
    From $48.96/mo
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  • 6 GB RAM

    • vCPU 3 Cores

    • RAM6GB

    • Storage 200GB SSD

    • Web Traffic1.5TB

    • IPv4One
    From $72.69/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • vCPU 4 Cores

    • RAM8GB

    • Storage 300GB SSD

    • Web Traffic2TB

    • IPv4One
    From $96.40/mo
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  • 12 GB RAM

    • vCPU 6 Cores

    • RAM12GB

    • Storage 400GB SSD

    • Web Traffic3TB

    • IPv4One
    From $135.36/mo
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Features of our South Africa VPS server

GPU Server

Best storage

Get the best storage on your website to add all your important files and document safely.

setting server

Optimum Performance

We have engineered all the aspects of our South Africa VPS server for the best performance of your website.

Security host server

Fast Network

We have our multi-homed network to maintain multiple transit relationships with our customers and fulfill all their dreams.

speed server


Our servers are made with the best enterprise hardware system so that our customers did not face any issues.

root access server setting

Security in servers

We provide a very high priority on the security of our servers so that you feel safe
while working with us.

root access server


We offer iPv4 and IPv6 addresses to all our South Africa VPS servers and if you want to have some more, you can talk to our
team about that.

Why you should go with our South Africa VPS servers?

You will get the most flexible servers for your website so that you can make changes and manage your servers. Our customers are very happy with our services because of our all-in-one customizable servers. So, come and take our services to get the best you need for your business. Moreover, you will also get all-time support from our team via call, text, or email. They are available for you 24/7 and you can contact them anytime.

Advantages of our South Africa VPS server

server performance

Best performing servers

We use only the latest open-source technology for our customers so that they get the best-performing servers for their websites.

server security

Guaranteed resources

Your website will perform best and optimal when you will have high-performing components in your servers.

server reliability

HigcPanel for you

We have the improved cPanel for our customers that will help you get the best solutions for all your problems.

cheap dedicated vps server

Domain Privacy

Prevent your website from all the thefts, spam, and attacks with the help of our best South Africa VPS servers.



Give a password to your website and keep it secure from everyone so that no one else can use it and take its advantage.

server SLA

Free SSL certificate

Get free SSL certification to provide a secure connection to your website and protect all your personal information by adding security.


Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time you wish. And for this, you only have to click the ‘upgrade’ button on your dashboard, and our team will contact you for the upgradation process. You will have to inform them about the plan which you want to opt for and the payment should be made. After that, your upgradation process will be completed.

Our main aim is to keep our customers satisfied and to complete this aim, we have worked hard. We provide full SSD storage, the best Hardware systems, RAID, SSL certification, anti-DDoS attacks, and many more with our South Africa VPS servers so that our customers did not face any difficulty while working with our team.

You will get only one IP address with your South Africa VPS server. However, you can have as many IP addresses for you as you want. But for this, you will have to talk to our team and make the payment for additional IP addresses.