Term & Condition

We have introduced AmazeServers Web Host iDC as our incredibly secure billing gateway while displaying amazeservers.com as the parental website. The AmazeServers Web Host iDC is made to make it simple for you to handle all of your services and associated problems with just one click, including conducting online transactions, paying bills online, fixing technical issues, and more. Additional uses for this gateway include 24/7 customer support.


The principles, guidelines, and requirements of the terms of service of our main business, AmazeServers Web Host iDC Auth by Immense Techie FOur International Pvt Ltd (the “Company”), are outlined in this document (the “Agreement”), which governs how the customer (“Customer”) may use the company’s services and products (“Services and Products”). The purpose of these Terms of Service is to safeguard the facilities, network, and customer data of the Company and to ensure its integrity, security, dependability, and privacy. The Company operates under the following policies for the benefit of both itself and its customers since it firmly believes that it offers the best services in the sector. It retains the right to alter these Terms of Service whenever it sees fit. Such changes must be made automatically. The Company shall be the exclusive and final arbiter as to the interpretation of the following, effective as to all customers upon adoption by Company and publication at the Company. The Customer agrees to be bound by the conditions specified in this agreement by using the Company’s services and goods.

Compliance with the Law

Client will not post, communicate, re-send or store material on or through any of Administrations or Items which, in the sole judgment of the Organization (I) is disregarding any nearby, state, government or non-US regulation or guideline, (ii) is undermining, vulgar, profane, abusive or that in any case could antagonistically influence any individual, gathering or element (by and large, “People”) or (iii) disregards the freedoms of any individual, including privileges safeguarded by copyright, proprietary advantage, patent or other licensed innovation or comparative regulations or guidelines including,however, not restricted to, the establishment or conveyance of “pilfered” or other programming items that are not fittingly authorized for use by Client. The Client consents to repay and hold innocuous the Organization from any cases coming about because of the utilization of the administrations which harms the Client or some other party. He/She will be liable for figuring out what regulations or guidelines are appropriate to its utilization of the Administrations and Items.

Prohibited Uses of Services and Products​

Notwithstanding different prerequisites of these Terms of Administration, Clients may just involve the Administrations and Items in a way that, in the Organization’s only judgment, is predictable with the reasons for such Administrations and Items. On the off chance that the Client is uncertain of whether any mulled over use or activity is allowed, he/she should contact the Organization as given previously. Via model, and not impediment, utilizes depicted underneath of the Administrations and Items are explicitly restricted.

Prohibited Uses of Services and Products​

Notwithstanding different prerequisites of these Terms of Administration, Clients may just involve the Administrations and Items in a way that, in the Organization’s only judgment, is predictable with the reasons for such Administrations and Items. On the off chance that the Client is uncertain of whether any mulled over use or activity is allowed, he/she should contact the Organization as given previously. Via model, and not impediment, utilizes depicted underneath of the Administrations and Items are explicitly restricted.

1. General

1.1. Sexual entertainment and explicit related promoting are restricted under every one of the Organization’s administrations. This incorporates locales that incorporate connections to obscene substance somewhere else. Further instances of unsuitable substance or connections incorporate pilfered programming, “programmer” programs, mysterious/public intermediaries, intermediary administrations, files of “Warez Destinations”, game rooms or MUDs, IRC Bots, IRC, Egg Drop programs, any sort of unlawful programming or shareware. Also, destinations offering web based betting, club usefulness, sportsbook wagering (counting seaward), and web lotteries are precluded.

1.2. Infringement of the privileges of any Individual safeguarded by copyright, proprietary innovation, patent or other licensed innovation or comparable regulations or guidelines, including, however not restricted to, the establishment or circulation of “pilfered” or other programming items that are not fittingly authorized for use by Client.

1.3. Utilizing or Facilitating any sort of web based booking framework/IRCTC, government related or any site connected with finance through any means, locally or by means of the Web, on our servers then it will be viewed as under the break of T and C, Lawful move will likewise be initiated assuming we tracked down it vital with no discount strategy.

1.4. Activities that limit or hinder any Individual, whether a client of Organization etc., in its utilization or happiness regarding any of the Organization’s Administrations or Items.

2. Framework and Organization

2.1. Presentation of malevolent projects into the’s organization or server (e.g., infections and worms).

2.2. Affecting security breaks or interruptions of Web correspondence. Security breaks incorporate, yet are not restricted to, getting to information of which Client is definitely not a planned beneficiary or signing into a server or record that Client isn’t explicitly approved to get to. For motivations behind this Part 3.2.2., “interruption” incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to, port outputs, flood pings, bundle parodying and manufactured directing data.

2.3. Executing any type of organization checking which will capture information not planned for the Client’s server.

2.4. Dodging client verification or security of any host, organization, or record.

2.5. Impeding or refusing assistance to any client other than Client’s host (for instance, disavowal of administration assault).

2.6. Utilizing any program/script/order, or sending messages of any sort, intended to impede, or to handicap, a client’s terminal meeting, through any means, locally or through the Web.

2.7. Making an “functioning” full-time association on an Organization gave account by utilizing fake means including programming, programming, or some other strategy.

2.8. Any endeavor to evade or change checking, data transfer capacity following or use detailing, or different activities which confuse the typical functional techniques of the Organization, including however not restricted to adjusting, eliminating, or in any capacity altering or messing with Organization made log documents.

2.9. Any activity which the Organization decides, in its own judgment, will consider inadequately the Organization or adversely influence its tasks.

2.10. Any activity which the Organization considers to be an unsuitable utilization of assets, business practice, or generally inadmissible to the Organization.

2.11. New Client

Your profile should be legitimate.
Try not to enlist different records.
Try not to arrange with the intermediary.
Not SPAM, Not DDoS, not hacking or some other unlawful exercises.
Not phishing, Not extortion or other unlawful items.
Manual audit is expected for orders by new clients, which can require up too A couple of moments Minutes to 24 hours.

3. Billing

3.1. Outfitting bogus or mistaken information on the request structure, contract, or online application, including deceitful utilization of charge card numbers.

3.2. Endeavoring to avoid or modify the cycles any charging systems or techniques to gauge time, data transmission use, or different strategies to record “use” of the Organization’s Administrations and Items.

3.3. There is No Discount Strategy.

4. Mail

4.1. Sending spontaneous business email messages (UCE), including the sending of “garbage mail” or other publicizing material to people who didn’t explicitly demand such material, who were not past clients of Client or with whom Client doesn’t have a current business relationship (“email spam”).

4.2. Sending UCE referring to an email address for any space facilitated by the Organization;

4.3. Sending UCE referring to a space facilitated by the Organization;

4.4. Sending UCE referring to an IP address facilitated by the Organization;

4.5. Posting notices on IRC, ICQ, or some other public visit framework containing an email address facilitated by the Organization, a space facilitated by the Organization, an IP address having a place with the Organization;

4.6. The Organization will be the sole judge concerning what comprises an infringement of these arrangements.

4.7. Badgering, whether through language, recurrence, or size of messages.

4.8. Unapproved use, or fashioning, of mail header data.

4.9. None of our servers accompany Port 25 open aside from assuming mass mailing server or a particular prerequisite with port 25 expected with conditions prior to setting request with our deals leader.

4.10. Requesting of mail for some other Email address other than that of the banner’s record or administration with the expectation to annoy or to gather answers.

4.11. Making or sending “junk letters” or other “fraudulent business models” of any sort.

4.12. Utilization of spontaneous email starting from inside the’s organization or organizations of other Web access Suppliers for the benefit of, or to publicize, any assistance facilitated by the Organization, or associated through the’s organization.

4.13. Exercises considered to be spontaneous promoting endeavors or in any case pestering in any capacity.

4.14. Clients will be charged a base $400.00 administration charge for each case of an undeniable UCE that is accounted for to the Organization and countenances prompt record suspension or potentially end, as well as additional punishments.

4.15. Bandwidth – Each server is doled out a set proportion of data trade payment consistently (figured as both inbound and outbound) as shown on the solicitation page. Move speed reward is totally considering a for every server premise and can’t be pooled with any extra service(s) the record holder might have. In case the information move limit allowance is outperformed, the record holder is in danger for the cost of the outperformed bandwidth total. Information transmission usage will be only considering Committed Servers checking. Noticing is figured on the switch port the organization is gotten together with or through Net stream. Totally administered Devoted Servers asserts all position to remove organizations that outperform their bandwidth payment without warning. Overflow bandwidth is charged at the rate displayed for your appropriate service(s) on the Linux and Windows Devoted Servers site “AmazeServers” in an excess of that at first circulated for the organization.

5. Client assistance

5.1. The Organization advances a commonly proficient connection with its clients. Harmful, compromising, profane, or in any case hassling correspondences with specialists of the Organization, through phone, email, online talk, or different means will bring about quick record end despite some other terms of this arrangement. Infringement of this or any segment of this Understanding will bring about discount ineligibility.

Repayment of Supplier/Relationship of Gatherings

All installments are made ahead of time. All in all, no installment is made subsequent to utilizing the help, installment is gotten prior to utilizing the assistance. The date when the request is finished and the record is enacted will be characterized as the last installment date for repeating solicitations. In facilitating, if the last installment of the receipt surpasses 1 days, the record will be suspended and if the installment isn’t made on the 3th day, the solicitations will be consequently dropped and the record will be dropped. In Server and Virtual Servers, if the last installment of the receipt surpasses 2 days, the record will be suspended and if the installment isn’t made on the fifth day, the solicitations will be consequently dropped and the record will be dropped. We have no insurance Data and Services.

1. Client consents to repay and hold the Organization innocuous from any claim, guarantee, charge, or cost, including sensible lawyer expenses and expenses of protection, for any matter emerging from or connecting with Client’s Site gave hereunder.

2. Nothing contained thus will be considered to make a connection between the Organization and Client in the idea of an association, joint endeavor, etc. The two players recognize and concur that the Organization has no communication with the information or substance of Client’s Site, besides as important to keep up with the Site.


1. Client consents to make all strides sensible, essential, and judicious to safeguard Client’s login ID and secret phrase.

2. Client makes a deal to avoid endeavoring to subvert or hurt any server, programming, framework, or client of the Organization.

3. Client consents to keep up with Clients’ figuring hardware mindfully, including running infection programming.

4. Transferring an infection to an Organization server will bring about account end, administration charges, or potentially indictment.

5. Client recognizes that the Organization can’t offer specialized help for any product and additionally script that the Client introduces, other than introductory arrangement. The Organization supplies specialized help for facilitating administrations that it gives as it were. The Organization will be the sole mediator regarding what comprises a “facilitating” issue.

Impediment AND Avoidance OF Risk

1. Impediments

In no occasion will AmazeServers Web Host iDC Autho By iT4iNT Pvt Ltd (the organization) have any responsibility at all for harm, unapproved admittance to, adjustment, burglary, or obliteration of data gave to the organization, conveyed or made accessible for circulation by means of the administrations. The organization and its sister counsels branch will have no responsibility under this arrangement or in any case for important, praiseworthy, exceptional, accidental, or corrective harms regardless of whether they have been educated with respect to the chance of such harms. Regardless, the obligation of the organization, to you under any condition and upon any reason for activity will be restricted to the sum really paid to it, by you under this arrangement during the thirty (30) days quickly going before the date on which such case gathered. This restriction applies to all reasons for activity in the total, including, without limit, to break of agreement, break of guarantee, carelessness, severe risk, distortions, and different misdeeds. The expenses for the administrations set by the organization, under this arrangement have been and will keep on being founded on this portion of hazard. Appropriately, you thusly discharge AmazeServers Web Host iDC, from all possible commitments, liabilities, and guarantee in abundance of the restriction expressed in this part.

1. Since certain states don’t permit the rejection or constraint of obligation for considerable or accidental harms, in such expresses, our responsibility is restricted to the degree allowed by regulation.

2. Interference of Administration : You thus recognize and concur that AmazeServers Web Host iDC, won’t be responsible for any transitory deferral, blackouts, or interferences of the Administrations. Further, the organization will not be responsible for any postponement or inability to play out its commitments under this Arrangement, where such deferral or disappointment results from any demonstration of God or other reason past its sensible control (counting, without restriction, any mechanical, electronic, interchanges or outsider provider disappointment).

3. Upkeep : You thus recognize and concur that AmazeServers Web Host iDC, claims all authority to briefly suspend administrations for the reasons for keeping up with, fixing, or overhauling its frameworks and organization. The organization will utilize its earnest attempts to advise you of forthcoming support anyway never is it under any commitment to illuminate you regarding such upkeep.

4. Backups and Data Loss : Your utilization of AmazeServers Web Host iDC servers and administrations is at your only gamble. The organization isn’t answerable for records or potentially information dwelling on your Server. While reinforcements might be given by the Organization, You, the Client consent to assume total ownership for documents and information moved to/from and kept up with on your server and concur that it is your own (the Client’s) obligation to take reinforcements of information living on your server.


Any endeavor to sabotage or truly hurt the Organization server or another client’s Internet presence is completely precluded. Any infringement of the above Terms of Administration will bring about justification for account end, without any discounts given; the Organization maintains whatever authority is needed to eliminate any record without earlier notification. Infringement of these Terms of Administration might bring about lawful activity, administration charges, or a blend thereof.

Assuming any client is in any capacity rude or harmful toward the Organization’s staff in any way, we have full right to eliminate them from our administrations with practically no discount.


Client recognizes that by reason of their relationship, both the Client and the Organization might approach specific items, data, and materials connecting with the other party’s business, which might incorporate field-tested strategies, clients, programming innovation, and promoting plans that are secret and of significant worth to one or the other party, separately, and which worth would be hindered assuming such data were unveiled to outsiders. Thus, both the Organization and the Client concur that it won’t use in any capacity for its own record or for the record of any outsider, nor uncover to any outsider, any such data uncovered to it by one or the other party, by and large.

The Client and the Organization further concur that each will play it safe to safeguard the privacy of such data. In the vent of end of this arrangement, there will be no utilization or revelation by one or the other party of any such secret data in its control, and all private reports will be gotten back to the actual owner, or obliterated. The arrangements of this segment will endure the end of the understanding under any circumstance. Upon any break or undermined break of this segment, either party will be qualified for injunctive help, which alleviation won’t be challenged by the Client or the Organization.

Refusal of Services

1. The Organization claims all authority to deny or drop administration in its only watchfulness without any discounts.

2. On the off chance that any of these Terms of Administration are neglected to be followed it will bring about reason for sure fire account deactivation.

3. Whenever any client enlisted

3(a). For what reason do we really want KYC records :- We required KYC for security purposes as ordered by the CERT-IN under segment 70B, Data innovation Act 2000. Look at the connections beneath for the subtleties –
Client will be advised by means of email or ticket for Accommodation of KYC reports, assuming in somewhere around 6 hours client neglects to present the records record will be suspended. If it’s not too much trouble, note that greatest 5 days provided(not pertinent to reestablishment of a help) to check the client profile subtleties through KYC reports in the event of client neglects to do, request will be set apart as misrepresentation and record will be ended likewise not qualified for discount.For Suspend account because of forthcoming installment Clients who have not made the installment prior to the due date record will be ended and following 2 days of due date every one of the information will disappear and we won’t be answerable for that it is client’s only liability.

4. KYC Reports are obligatory for Clients who need to make installment through the Coin Base technique need to buy Indian base Server For different areas separated from India, we request the KYC records whenever required or essential.
Cash is non refundable assuming that any client denies for the KYC documentation under Arrangement Infringement.

4.1. Paypal and client region entrance register email ID error

Making installment by means of Paypal installment mode that is an alternate enrolled email ID from your client entrance email ID
KYC records incorporate Visa, Driving Permit, Citizen Id (Appropriate to Indian Client), Container Card (Relevant to Indian Client), Aadhar Card (Material to Indian User),GST Enrollment Detail (Pertinent to Indian Client), Organization Enlistment Detail.

5. Sympathetically fill in the appropriate subtleties in your profile while enlisting. in the event that not it might prompt a postpone in enactment of administration when the subtleties we required are satisfied we will convey your servicve..

Discount and Scratch-off Approach

1. After The server sending the Discount Strategy isn’t relevant. Client need affirm server before establishment or made installment.

2 HTTP injector isn’t permitted any of our administrations. Assuming HTTP injector is recognized on client administration, administration will be dropped and not qualified for discount.

3 All committed servers will be conveyed inside 3 to 5 working days and some of the time might take more time for longer, we will change the charging cycle.

4. The Organization maintains whatever authority is needed to reconsider or change these Terms of Administration whenever.

In the event that any client raises the cancelation demand before 7 working days, client isn’t qualified for discount or acknowledge back approach as we don’t offer discount or credit back ensure on committed servers and any administrations. 

* Credit-Back Assurance

AmazeServers gives a 7 days credit back ensure for all the web facilitating accounts. Following are the models or qualification you want to satisfy to guarantee your discount or cash back.

You should be another client of AmazeServers Web Host iDC with practically no previous records with it Additionally client if commit installment by error. No discount strategy for second time clients.
In the event that the discount is inside our given rules, the separate sum will be added to your AmazeServers Web Host iDC Credit Record.
It is denied to Mishandle and abuse of administrations.
In the event that you have made an installment at least a few times unintentionally, the subsequent installment isn’t refundable. Any Discount will be credited to your AmazeServers Web Host iDC account as opposed to being started in your own record Any abuse, unlawful use, and encroachments of these arrangements will forgo your entitlement to discount.
AmazeServers Web Host iDC saves every one of the freedoms to acknowledge or decline the discount in the event that any client experiences the terms of administrations and strategy.
It is thus noticed that the credit that you have added is non-refundable, when you add the credit the sum won’t be moved possibly you can use while buying different administrations.  Read more policy our REFUND POLICY

General Service Agreement

iT4iNT Pvt Ltd is engaged directly or through its Affiliates in the business of providing Services (defined below). The Customer who wishes to purchase Services from iT4iNT Pvt Ltd  must accept the contract as defined below –

KYC Documentation

What is KYC?

Know Your Customer (KYC) involves standards devised to protect enterprises/organizations/institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Why we require KYC?

We required KYC for security purposes as mandated by the CERT-IN under section 70B, Information technology Act 2000. Check out the links below for the details https://www.cert-in.org.in/Directions70B.jsp  https://www.cert-in.org.in/PDF/CERT-In_Directions_70B_28.04.2022.pdf

iT4iNT Pvt Ltd requires KYC documentation to dodge any fraudulent activity. We ensure to keep the information and details you share private and secure with us as per our privacy policy. We only ask for the KYC documentation in some cases, including Any mode of Payment Gateway Purchasing VPS(Virtual Private Server) for constructing VPN and any India based services Making payment via Paypal payment mode that constitutes a different registered email ID from your client portal email ID  In case of the denial from your side in providing KYC, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd is not liable and accountable to deliver any service or credit-back policy. We suggest that every user must go through the TOS before placing the order.

Documents required Any of the two documents listed below can be provided for the KYC documentation at iT4iNT Pvt Ltd –


Driving License

Voter Id (Applicable to Indian User)

Pan Card (Applicable to Indian User)

Aadhar Card (Applicable to Indian User)

GST Registration Detail (Applicable to Indian User)

Company Registration Detail

General –


“Service Order Form” or “SOF” shall indicate the particular order form by which all Services shall be requested by Customer and iT4iNT Pvt Ltd has agreed to provide under this Agreement. The SOF will reveal all the details reasonably essential for iT4iNT Pvt Ltd to provide that Service, including but not limited to the Service  Activation Date, the Initial Term, and the associated fees.

Delivery time

iT4iNT Pvt Ltd delivers ordered dedicated servers within 3 to 5 working days. In case the service delivery takes longer, your billing cycle will get adjusted accordingly. Note that the server deployment can take around 24 to 72 Hours for South America regions like Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and China. .

Payment terms
iT4iNT Pvt Ltd enables its customers to make payments through multiple options, including Paypal, International debit/credit card, Indian debit/credit card, etc.
iT4iNT Pvt Ltd understands the value and respects the money investment of its customers. Thus, the company ensures to provide a 7-days credit back guarantee as a refund for all the VPS services except dedicated and custom order. Any applicable refund is credited to your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account rather than into your personal account. Following are the criteria or eligibility you must meet to claim your rebate or credit back – You must be a new customer at iT4iNT Pvt Ltd without any past records with us as there is no credit-back policy for second-time users.

You have to apply for a rebate within seven days from the service delivered date. If the rebate fulfills our given criteria, the respective amount will get added to your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd Credit Account.

Note: In case you make a payment more than once mistakenly, the second payment is non-refundable.

While utilizing the International payment gateway, the user must respond to the ticket sent for confirmation about the payment and other details after the order gets placed. In case of no response from the user’s side to the confirmation ticket, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd reserves the right to block or report the respective email ID and account
and not eligible for refund or credit back policy.

Customers are able to take two Addon IPS under basic plan and three addon IPS under Premium and Enterprise plan ,In starter plan there is no addon IP available. Due to the limited availability of IPs you must justify the reason for taking the Addon IPs.

We are currently in the “maxmind , ipip , ip2location” these three mainstream database update IP location. So other providers data may vary due to no updation of details on time. So any other database providers data may not be considered for IP geolocation.

Using or Hosting any kind of online booking system/IRCTC, government related or any website related to finance via any means, locally or via the Internet, on our servers then it shall be considered under the breach of T & C, Legal action will also be taken if we found it necessary with no refund policy.

Abusing and misusing services is strictly prohibited. Any misuse, illegal usage, and infringements of these agreements will waive your right to obtain a refund.
None of our servers come with Port 25 open except if bulk mailing server or any specific requirement with port 25 required with conditions before placing order with our sales executive.

iT4iNT Pvt Ltd reserves all the rights to accept or decline the refund if any customer violates the terms of services and policy.

The payment you make or the credit you get back from or in your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account is non-refundable. You can utilize the credits your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account holds for purchasing further services. There is no refund policy provided for dedicated server, custom order and the additional services purchase along with the VPS and dedicated server as an Add on services such as SSL certificate, backup service, Control Panel, IPs, Bandwidth etc.

In case of add fund request, no user is liable for refund as the request is generated by the user preference so, once user add the fund it will be deposited as credited to their client area account only. Starter Package for South America region comes with IPv6 only no IPv4 provided and also not eligible for upgrade and credit back policy  iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not offer any refund policy for the orders placed at or from the locations falling under the South America regions like Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and China.

iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not offer any Credit back policy for any kind of IP blocking by local ISP of user region also not eligible for changing of IP and location as well who is not taking any trial or demo before purchasing the service.

Abuse Complaint
If we receive or encounter any abuse complaint or spamming on our servers, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd holds the right to suspend the respective servers on an immediate basis without prior notice as per the laws and ethics – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Technology_Act,_2000.

Managed/Unmanaged server
By default, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd VPS and Dedicated server plans and packages come with unmanaged services. However, you can acquire managed services with our plans and packages if required. With the managed services, you can invest most of your time and energy in growing your different business aspects rather than looking over or operating your server. iT4iNT Pvt Ltd provides managed services at affordable additional costs. In order to gather more details or ask relevant queries about iT4int Pvt Ltd managed services, you can communicate with our team of proficient experts over the preferred channel as and when you desire.


iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not provide assurance for preventing data loss as well as is not liable for any data loss. However, we do provide an Add-on Backup facility you can purchase anytime at a feasible cost if you are required to safeguard your data.

Immense Techie Four International Pvt. Ltd. is not accountable or responsible for any business loss in case of server unavailability or any downtime of the server.

I have accept the General service agreement by my self by selecting the accept button of contract while placing order no. # order number with Invoice #number.

I (Client Name) acknowledge that I have read, and do hereby accept the terms and conditions contained in this General Service Agreement the Electronic Statement (eStatement) Consent.