If you want to run large in-memory databases, you are at the right place. Amaze server will provide you with the most scalable services with an affordable price structure.

VPS-Amaze Servers


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  • 512 MB RAM

    • Core 1

    • RAM 512 MB

    • Disk Space 20 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 1 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $19.98/mo
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  • 1 GB RAM

    • Core 1

    • RAM 1 GB

    • Disk Space 30 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 1 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $29.82/mo
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  • 2 GB RAM

    • Core 1

    • RAM 2 GB

    • Disk Space 40 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $38.96/mo
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  • 3 GB RAM

    • Core 2

    • RAM 3 GB

    • Disk Space 60 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $49.78/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • Core 2

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Disk Space 80 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 4 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $59.97/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • Core 4

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Disk Space 120 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 4 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $89.71/mo
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Features of our Thailand VPS servers

GPU Server

Full access over the server

Control your server as you want with our full root access feature which will allow you to make all the changes you want to make in the server.

setting server

Additional SSD storage

We will provide you with good SSD storage to save your important files to give maximum uptime and performance.

Security host server

Improved performance

You will see the difference in the performance of your website after taking the services of our Thailand VPS servers.

speed server

Superior server

We want to provide the best support and guidance to our clients so that they become the best in the industry.

root access server setting

Backup and recovery

Get the best recovery solution for all your data and files to restore your important documents.

root access server

DDoS protection

Protect your website from all upcoming attacks with our all-in-one DDoS protection feature.

Why you should choose our services?

Amaze is considered one of the most dedicated VPS service providers because the components of our servers are assembled in our production sites only in front of our expert team. Our team makes sure that you get outstanding performance and get the full value for your money. Therefore, only the latest technology software is used in the making of our servers.

Benefits of our Thailand VPS servers

server performance

Dedicated environment

The server you will get is going to have its own dedicated environment that will have all-in-one hardware resources.

server security

Simplicity and independence

Get the most simple working server so that you may use it easily without having any extra technical knowledge.

server reliability

Unlimited traffic

Increase the traffic of your website by taking the benefits of our best Thailand VPS servers.

cheap dedicated vps server

Customer support

At Amaze, take the advantage of our data center support that is available all time for its customers via chat, e-mail, or ticket system.


99.99% uptime guarantee

Get the most secured channels and redundant power to offer the best flexibility to our clients with the highest uptime guarantee.

server SLA

Improved reliability

Experience the highest reliability on our cheap Thailand VPS server to provide you with the highest resource availability.


Our Thailand VPS servers are built with an in-built security system so that our customers did not face any problems while using the servers. The server has secured firewalls that will help you protect all the data on your website.

 Of course, you can upgrade your VPS servers with a single click of a button whenever you want. If you are running a website and face some issues just because of some limited resources, you can upgrade your plan anytime with our Thailand VPS servers.

 Yes, you can host as many websites as you want in our Thailand VPS server easily. However, you only have to allocate a private space to each website by choosing the best volume for each space. And after that can easily run a number of websites on your server

 You will get one official IP address for your Thailand VPS server. But, if you want to have more than one IP address, you will get that also. For this, you will have to talk to our server team and pay some additional amount. And after that, they will provide you the additional IP addresses for your Thailand VPS server.