When to Upgrade from a VPS to a Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

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Whether you are planning to start a new project or you are looking to make some changes to your existing project, you will need to prepare before choosing your hosting options. If you are currently using VPS hosting and you are looking to upgrade it to Bare Metal Dedicated Server then this article is for you. Before upgrading to Bare Metal Dedicated Server, you also need to take care of various factors that determine your security, and performance. Here we have described both servers, which will make it easy for you to choose. 

Bare metal hosting and VPS hosting share many common features. Apart from this, some differences are also seen in this, based on which you can convert your VPS hosting to bare metal hosting.

First, bare metal is billed by the hour which enables greater flexibility. Second, servers are typically integrated with cloud products.


In terms of cost, when you start your bare metal server, you do not see any minimum commitment, and you just have to pay for what you are using. In this, you get a great feature like you can turn it off even when you are not using it. They are ideal for large workloads, large data, and applications that require enhanced security and dedicated resources. This allows you to get a very powerful server experience without any long rental charges.


In the past, traditional dedicated servers were known for their manual provisioning to be time-consuming and more challenging. Fortunately, this situation has changed with the advent of new technology as bare metal servers are specifically designed to automate the provisioning process, and therefore, require less time to set up.

Additionally, a bare metal server usually consists of several dedicated servers, running in harmony through a hypervisor. This exclusive arrangement of virtual machines allow each dedicated server to share assets with the others so that they can carry out jointly in a way that a dedicated server alone could never reach.

Low Load Times

We’ve already said the problem that slow load times can cause your industry. If it takes more than seconds, they will click back. That’s not even the only problem you have to compete with. Google has made slow load times a big part of its SEO needs. So, if your page takes longer to load, could affect your ranking.

Better Security

Security is an important issue that you as a business owner need to consider. It should always be at the top of your entire priorities list. According to some reports, by the year 2025, it is expected that every 20 seconds there will be a major hacking attack on a company. That is why consider only high-quality hosting. Other hosting platforms like shared hosting or virtual private servers give you a certain level of security. This is because they are shared; they will always be at risk and can also cause security issues.


Hardware-wise, bare metal servers offer better performance than traditional dedicated servers. Bare-metal servers with all the latest technologies provide you with a smooth hardware experience. If we talk about RAM, then you will get to see DDR4 in bare metal servers. Likewise, with the espousal of NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) in place of standard SATA SSDs & hard drives, the storage technology used in these servers is even improved.

If you are not getting all these features and services in your existing hosting and your business really needs them then you can definitely turn to bare metal server hosting. Apart from this, if you need any more information, then you can log in to our website amazeservers.com

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